Mission and Purpose - Keystone Area Education Agency
Mission and Purpose - Keystone Area Education Agency

Mission and Purpose

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Agency Vision

Improving Learning and Living for All Students

Agency Mission

The mission of Keystone AEA is to provide leadership for school improvement and student learning and living. This leadership is provided through equitable, effective, and efficient services to its districts, schools, and their patrons by working in school-community planning, professional development, curriculum instruction assessment, school leadership, school management, services for diverse learning, services for inclusive schools, instructional media, and school technology.

Agency Beliefs

We believe:

  • our ultimate client is the student.
  • our work with educators and students ultimately affects learning.
  • the purpose of our work is to improve student achievement.
  • the direction of our Agency work is guided by the AEA accreditation/continuous improvement process.
  • coordinated services shared with multiple agencies through a unified systems approach will be implemented in the best interest of the student.
  • the Agency is part of a learning community.
  • in partnerships with communities to improve student well-being.
  • in providing parents meaningful opportunities to participate in the planning and provision of educational services for their children.
  • in applying relevant research and information to the decisions related to programs and services.
  • in providing quality support and instructional services to students within the limits of funds and personnel.
  • in expanding our technical knowledge and understanding of new systems to better serve students.


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