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The Next Generation of Iowa Core Science!

Jason Martin-Hiner
School Improvement
Facilitator - Science


Iowa's New Science Standards

An informational letter from the Iowa Department of Education congratulating the Iowa science learning community can be found here

Keystone AEA is encouraging school districts to use this school year as a time for teachers and administrators to move beyond a basic familiarity with the new standards and take steps toward initial implementation.  To help facilitate this, there will be additional learning opportunities to expand on your initial work with the new standards from last year.  Here are a few dates and resources to keep in mind:

Module 1 Session (Online - Self-Paced) - Available Now

As of 2015, Iowa has new K-12 science standards and this year marks the second year of our four-year implementation process. Are you a new teacher or new to Iowa and have not yet heard about the new standards? Were you unable to attend the Iowa Science Standards Overview Professional Development offered through your AEAs? Did you attend the Overview PD but want a refresher prior to attending the next round of professional learning? Did you attend the Overview PD and are now in charge of sharing the learning with others in your districts?  Are you an instructional coach who needs a foundational understanding of the science standards? If you said “yes” to any of those questions, the science leadership team and AEA PD Online are pleased to announce that a condensed version of the Iowa Science Standards: Overview is now available through AEA PD Online. This overview provides  foundational information, helps build a common vocabulary, and provides a glimpse of the vision for teaching and learning with the new standards. The overview may be completed individually as a self-paced course but is broken into smaller segments that could be completed within teams/PLCs. In order to help provide a more complete picture of the number of participants using this resource, every individual should register even if you are completing the course as a group.

To register

1.      Go to   

2.      Either login or register for a new account

3.      Search for science standards

4.      Select "Iowa's Science Standards: Overview" and use the "Register" button to begin


Module 1 Session (Online/Local Work + One Face-to-Face Session)

TBA  - Late Fall 2016

Module 2 Session (Online/Local Work + One Face-to-Face Session)

TBA - Spring 2017


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