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The Next Generation of Iowa Core Science!

Jason Martin-Hiner
School Improvement
Facilitator - Science


Iowa's New Science Standards

An informational letter from the Iowa Department of Education congratulating the Iowa science learning community can be found here

Keystone AEA is encouraging school districts to use this school year as a time for teachers and administrators to become familiar with the new standards.  To help facilitate this, there will be multiple learning opportunities to begin the process of understanding and integrating the new standards.  Here are a few dates to keep in mind:


October 20th - Iowa Science Standards Kickoff
Location:  Iowa City

On October 20, 2015, the University of Iowa and Grandview University will host a day of learning from national experts on the new science standards in Iowa City.  This is intended to orient leaders to the new standards and prepare them to support classroom implementation. A link to register can be found here and live streaming links will be found on the Iowa Department of Education website.


October 28th - Introduction to the New Science Standards
Location:  Elkader

In conjunction with the Iowa Department of Education, Keystone will be hosting a workshop to help teachers begin the work of becoming familiar with the new science standards and their impact on classroom instruction and assessment. This workshop will not only focus on helping teachers understand what is expected at their grade level, but also provide opportunities to work in school teams as well as with other teachers at particular grade levels. There will be some expectations for in-district work prior to and after the face-to-face meeting on the 28th. Register for the workshop using this link and the workshop number 51968.


June 15th-17th - Summer Symposium - Implementing the Standards
Location:  TBD

On June 15-17,2016, a symposium for teachers will be held. National experts in science and the new standards will lead educators in job alike groups: after school providers, elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers. The goal is to give educators tools they need to implement the innovations in their practice.


You can review the new Iowa science standards and find out more information regarding the process on the Iowa Department of Education Iowa Core websiteA PDF version of the standards can be found here.

Keystone AEA is looking forward to working together with districts to use the new standards to promote deeper student understanding in the areas science and engineering.  A new science standards resource  page is evolving to support this effort - take some time to visit the page and offer your own suggestions for additional resources.  Any questions regarding the new resources or the exciting learning opportunities coming up this year can be directed to Jason Martin-Hiner at

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