Production Services - Keystone Area Education Agency
Production Services - Keystone Area Education Agency

Production Services

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Nioka Schroeder
Production Manager

Print Shop Services

Keystone AEA offers a Print Shop with printing and finishing services, including stapling, folding, binding, padding, and collating. The Print Shop has the capability to produce many kinds of items including:

  • Brochures
  • Carbonless multi-copy forms
  • Certificates
  • Forms
  • Full color copier capabilities
  • Handbooks
  • Memo pads
  • Posters
  • Report cards
  • School newspapers
  • Stationery
  • Tickets
  • Worksheets





Print Finishing Services

In addition to the actual printing of pages, the Print Shop offers the following finishing services for which labor costs will be charged.

  • Collating: Putting pages in order
  • Binding: Bound with a plastic spiral binder (various sizes and colors), indicate color of binder (see sample)
  • Stapling: Corners, edges or down the center of folded sheets (see samples)
  • Folding: Various folds are possible (see samples)
  • Cutting: Precision cuts of up to 500 sheets at one time, max. 18" wide, explain what size items are to be cut.
  • Padding: Memo pads, multi-part forms and paper tablets of forms are commonly padded items. Indicate if you want cardboard backing, the number of pads, and the number of sheets per pad.
  • Drilling: Pages for 3-ring binders can be drilled up to 500 sheets at a time (see sample)
  • Punching: 19 hole punching in paper for items to be spiral bound

Production Services

Indicate the number of items you are submitting with a short description of each. Label your items with your name to ensure their return. Keystone AEA can laminate up to 34" wide.

Banners and Posters
Indicate the number of signs or posters; the size for the signs; attach complete instructions for lettering and layout; indicate posterboard color and indicate letter color (red, black, white, blue, green, or yellow).

Services are billed at no more than the actual costs involved. Keystone AEA, like the schools, is a non-profit institution, and these services exist for the convenience of the PreK-12 public and private educators served.




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