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iPads and iPods

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iPad/iPod Professional Development Resource Pag

 Let's Build a Searchable Library of iPad iLesson iDeas!


Keystone AEA Recommended AppsResources, attachments and links shared during our iPad/iPod professional development sessions.


 Check out Deb's Pinterest iPad Lessons Board for tons of great iPad lesson ideas K-12.

Keystone Consultants Recommended App List - constantly updated!



 iPad Trainings

When planning for iPad PD consider the following suggested sessions to best meet the needs of your teachers.

 Suggested iPad Professional Development Sessions
Please contact us for additional information!

  • iPads for Beginners: Let's start at the beginning!
  • iPads in Any Classroom: Learn how to use your iPad while working through a lesson from start to finish!
  • iPads in the Elementary Classroom: Apps, tips and lesson ideas.
  • iPads in the Middle School and High School Classroom: Apps, tips and lesson ideas.
  • The One iPad Classroom: Great ideas and suggestions for using your iPad.
  • Digital Storytelling with iPads
  • Using Book Creator in the Classroom
  • Green Screen and iPads = Awesome Engagement and Learning!
  • Using iPads as student portfolio with Seesaw
  • Using iPads for coding and robotics
  • iPad Workflow Ideas
  • Google Apps and Tools to use on the iPad
  • Using iPads for Stations or Rotations
  • How iPads can support FAST.

 Pages are scheduled for updating - more coming soon!

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