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Robots at Keystone

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(Grade Levels)

Bee-Bot (PreK-2nd) KM 9994 programmed on robot

  • Simple programming using

Blue-Bot (PreK-5th) KM 12345

Simple programming using the arrows like on Bee-Bot


Finch (PreK-12th) Snap and Finch for Ages 4-7 (directions for activities at three beginner levels) KM 12028 programmed on computer

  • Uses a graphic interface with movement and color icons for the younger learners

Recon Rover (2nd-8th) KM 11907 programmed on robot

  • Measures in feet and inches

  • Angles of 45 and 90 degrees only

  • Uses icons


MiP, the balancing robot (2nd-8th) KM 12215 - programmed on app

Dash and Dot (2nd-8th) KM 12216 - programmed on apps

  • Use the Blockly app to program (puzzle piece style of programming)

  • Use the Xylo app to play music (add the xylophone to Dash and tap on notes that Dash will play)

  • Use the Path app to create a path that the Dash will follow

  • Use the Go app for younger students to drive Dash and add audio

  • Use Tickle app to program (puzzle piece style of programming)

Ozobot (3rd-5th) KM 12292 - programmed on app or on paper

(9” tablets recommended)

  • Free curriculum

  • Paper programming uses wide black marker and red, green, and blue markers

    • Apps

      • Use the OzoGroove app to program through music and dance

      • Use the Ozobot app: on Google Play or iTunes

        • OzoDraw create paths with code

        • OzoPath race to the finish line

        • OzoLuck play games of chance

Ozobot Bit (3rd-5th) KM 12306 - programmed on computer

  • Program your Ozobot Bit with the Free Ozoblockly software starting with Novice to Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Master (all five levels have activity challenges)

Scribbler 2 (4th-8th) KM 012009 - programmed with free software

Sphero (3rd-8th) KM 11854 - programmed on apps

Ollie (3rd-8th) KM 12210 - programmed on apps

  • Use Macrolab app to program (set text commands with amounts)

  • Use Tickle app to program (puzzle piece style of programming)

  • Use Tynker app to program (puzzle piece style of programming)

BB-8 (3rd-8th) KM 12400 - programmed on apps

Mini STEM iPads (4/kit) KM 11840

  • Has the apps needed to drive/program the Keystone robots

Pro-Bot (3rd-8th) KM 11885 - programmed on robot

  • Use arrow icons with numbers for distance in centimeters and numbers for angles

  • Includes procedures, repeats, and more

  • Program lessons

Lego WeDo (3rd-6th) KM 12371


Boe-Bot (9-12th) KM 8662

Lego Mindstorms EV3 (6th-12th), the Parrot mini-drones, Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider, and the Parrot Bebop Drone are available for use by contacting one of the Keystone Technology Team members.

The Double is now being used at Keystone.  It allows someone from another site to join a workshop or meeting without the drive by linking through a free app.  Keystone is working on a group buy for the Double with more information available during TIC 2015.

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