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Tech Ten are sessions are presented during the Keystone AEA Principal and Curriculum Director monthly workshops. The Tech Ten sessions are intended to be a quick, ten-minute segment highlighting a school technology related topic. A Tech Tech session could be about a useful, free, easy to use tech tool for busy educators, additional resources for your schools or information about a new technology related initiative for teachers and students.

For more information about any of the Tech Ten sessions or for additional support, please contact:

Jarod Bormann, Deb Henkes, Laura Stanner, Norma Thiese

Tech 10 Presentation and Resources
September 4, 2014

Why Focus on Digital Citizenship?

Keystone Digital Citizenship Resources - notice break down of grade levels on the left!


Tech 10 Presentation and Resources
October 2, 2014
Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media offers:


K--12 Scope & Sequence:

Sample Lesson: Chart It, pdf, grades 6--8

Sample Lesson: Chart It, online teaching plans

Unit Assessments


iBooks Textbooks on iTunes:

iBooks Textbooks on iTunes
















Tech 10 Presentation and Resources
November 6, 2014


Spotlight on

Presentation link:

Link to

Tech 10 Presentation and Resources

January 8, 2015

Engaging students and staff in digital opportunities is key to reinforcing components for being good citizens, whether they are online or in a face-to-face situation.  To ensure teachers, students, and administrators have the tools to personalize their technology use and understanding of that use, we invite you to explore the 21 Things for... series.  Choose the link that best applies for your situation.

21 Things 4 Students

21 Things 4 iPads

21 Things for Teachers

21 Things for Administrators



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