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Technology Assessment - Keystone Area Education Agency

Technology Assessment

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UPDATE: As a result of the purchase of Clarity by BrightBytes, Keystone will not currently be doing technology assessments for our schools.


Due to staffing and time limitations in the past we were only able to conduct 2 or 3 tech assessments per year. Now with our online purchase of Clarity, all of our schools can collect this data and more every year. In additional, the data is organized into the Clarity dashboard which can be access at any time, collects data over time and provides suggestions for solutions to recognized district strengths and areas of need.

For additional information about Clarity, click here!

Keystone AEA will not be offering comprehensive technology assessments for districts that are culminated in written reports for District Technology Committees and Administration.

Keystone will be offering two days, Feb. 24th or Feb. 24th for school teams using Clarity to meet and learn how to use and make sense or your data in Clarity Dashboard. This will help you with the decision making process as your school moves forward with technology.

These services include:

  • on-site visits
  • staff surveys
  • staff interviews
  • student interviews
  • technical checklists

The assessment takes into account the district learning goals, hardware deployment and infrastructure, and professional development needs. Recommendations to the district are included in the final report. Many schools use these suggestions for technology planning, hardware purchasing, professional development scheduling and network upgrades.

District administrators may contact any of the Keystone AEA Technology Team to make a request for a District Technology Assessment. The Keystone team will schedule a pre-assessment informational meeting with administrators and the district Technology Committee. Assessments are a major undertaking and require several months advance notice.

For additional information contact any member of the Keystone AEA Technology Team:


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