Paraeducator Summer Institute - Keystone Area Education Agency
Paraeducator Summer Institute - Keystone Area Education Agency

Paraeducator Summer Institute

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Paraeducator Summer Institute 2016
The Paraeducators' Role in Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum

REGISTER  - look for Workshop #52059

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Check-in from 7:45-8:30; day ends at 4:30
Keystone AEA Conference Center, 1400 Second St. NW, Elkader, Iowa
Registration fee:  $25; includes materials, breakfast, and lunch
Registration ends May 27, 2016

No laptops/iPads are required.

Printable flyer

Four rotating sessions:  two in the morning, two in the afternoon. 
     *Communication - Trishia Dietzenbach:  Learn the importance of various communication systems and how they work.
     *Work Systems/Structure/Tasks - Greg Halsor/Suzie Maas:  Learn what work systems look like, how they function,
             different types of structure that can be provided, and how to make various tasks for a variety of students.
     *Visuals/Schedules/Routines - Ann Hagensick/Shelly Schafer:  Learn how to use visuals to support students' needs,
             the different types of visuals available, the continuum of schedules, and importance of routines.
     *Promoting Social Participation Etc. - Cindy Henriksen/Heather Blackmore/Heather Blevins-Freitag:  Learn how
             to help students interact with their peers within various settings, and what tools will be useful.

Sessions will model evidence based practices in the ongoing evolution of the roles of paraeducators.  This will include advocating for the student and keeping the student safe.  Paraeducators will develop skills on how to foster independence and appropriate behavioral expectations in students across all settings.

Any paraeducator in Keystone AEA may attend.

NOTE:  Paras taking Keystone's Paraeducator Recertification Course must also register to fulfill class requirements for credit.



Para Summer Institute 2015

The Paraeducators' Role in Empowering and Motivating Positive Student Behaviors

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Keystone AEA Conference Center, Elkader, Iowa

Just Be Positive, Tracy Deutmeyer/Trishia Dietzenbach:  Keeping ourselves positive will help keep our students positive.  How can we do that, here are some tips.

Promoting Independence, Sara Shiller:  Learning the prompt hierarchy, level of necessary involvement, guiding questions and skills needed.
Para Prompts

Providing Accommodations/Modifications, Courtney Bentley:  Proctoring tests/assessments with consistency; if a student fails, it does not mean the para fails.
Accommodations vs Modifications
Para Test Proctoring

Apps to Motivate, Kim Anderson:  There are many pieces of technology that can be used to motivate students and assist them at the same time.
Website to support powerpoint

Setting Goals, Angie Squires/Penni Gaul:  Goals are motivating for students and staff, short term and long term.  They can be visual helpers.

Safety First, Afton Osterberger/Mardi Heiar:  Safely transferring students with physical disabilities, how to move with the student, how to keep the adults safe too.



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