HEART Assessment Database - Keystone Area Education Agency
HEART Assessment Database - Keystone Area Education Agency

HEART Assessment Database

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The HEART database is provided as a free service to interested Keystone AEA schools. Participation is voluntary and optional. HEART is intended to serve as a data management and analysis tool for district-wide/school-wide academic assessment data.

The assessment data sets that can currently be imported into HEART include:

  • ITBS
  • ITED
  • ICAM

Questions about the assessment system and/or technical support can be directed to:
Bob Hankey at 800-632-5918

The HEART Database now has a behavior module for collecting and analyzing discipline referral data. The HEART Behavior Data module works in conjunction with the existing Academic Assessment System and will assist school teams in collecting and using school-wide data to identify students who may need more support. It can guide decisions about strategies; interventions and programs that will best meet the needs of the school.

In order for schools to access the HEART Behavior Data module, several criteria must be met and training is required. For more information or questions about the behavior data system, please contact:

DeAnne Blanchard
Learning Supports Consultant
Lois Henry
School Psychologist

Operations disclaimer:

The HEART database is intended to be available at all times, with the exception of maintenance and unanticipated downtime. However, Keystone AEA makes no warranty that the system will be available at any given time. Users who experience difficulty with access to HEART are asked to notify AEA 1 of the problem. The database will be restored to functioning as quickly as possible. Because of the inability to predict network problems and database problems, users are advised to allow extra time for unanticipated problems, especially when working close to deadlines.

Access the HEART Online Database

The following resources are available to Keystone AEA school personnel to use as they see fit.            

Keystone AEA Data Policy for HEART

HEART Users Manual–Website with directions for using the majority of features available in the HEART database. The directions include how to generate the various graphs and individual student data displays.

In order to get accurate individual student data, the district needs to send Keystone AEA a bar code file of all students in the district's student management system (similar to the one sent to Iowa testing). An Excel spreadsheet template can be downloaded here. You can also download a PDF file that describes the fields needed in this bar code file. If you have questions e-mail heart@aea1.k12.ia.us.

You can request an administrator manual that outlines the procedures for setting up various users and levels of security in HEART. If you would like a copy, please send an e-mail request (using your school account) to heart@aea1.k12.ia.us.

HEART Behavior Definitions
HEART Readiness Checklist
HEART Referral Checklist

HEART Database “Scavenger Hunt” Activity–This is a document that can be used for school data gathering and analysis training/inservice purposes if desired.

HEART Training Notes–This is a suggested outline of training activities that can be used at a local school if desired.

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