Printing and Finishing - Keystone Area Education Agency
Printing and Finishing - Keystone Area Education Agency

Printing and Finishing

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Print Shop Services

Keystone AEA offers a Print Shop with printing and finishing services. The Print Shop has the capability to produce many kinds of items including:

  • Brochures
  • Carbonless multi-copy forms
  • Certificates
  • Forms
  • Full color copier capabilities
  • Handbooks
  • Memo pads
  • Posters
  • Report cards
  • School newspapers
  • Stationery
  • Tickets
  • Worksheets





Print Finishing Services

In addition to the actual printing of pages, the Print Shop offers the following finishing services for which labor costs will be charged.

  • Collating: Putting pages in order
  • Binding: Bound with a plastic spiral binder (various sizes and colors), indicate color of binder (see sample)
  • Stapling: Corners, edges, or down the center of folded sheets (see samples)
  • Folding: Various folds are possible (see samples)
  • Cutting: Precision cuts of up to 500 sheets at one time, max. 18" wide, explain what size items are to be cut.
  • Padding: Memo pads, multi-part forms, and paper tablets of forms are commonly padded items. Indicate if you want cardboard backing, the number of pads, and the number of sheets per pad.
  • Drilling: Pages for 3-ring binders can be drilled up to 500 sheets at a time (see sample)
  • Punching: 19 hole punching in paper for items to be spiral bound

How to Place a Print Request

Pricing, Estimates, and Billing

For additional information email Nioka Schroeder or call 800-632-5918, ext 1340.

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