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Personalized PD - Keystone Area Education Agency

Personalized PD


Traditional forms of Professional Development aren't the most effective for a number of reasons. If a district feels their professional development time isn't meeting the needs of ALL of their educators, then it may be time to consider Personalized PD.




To properly plan, you may find this planning poster to be helpful.



The following Keystone AEA school are using the Personalized PD model to empower ALL educators to become professionally driven. Be sure to check out each of their websites.

Central - Building a Bridge

Kee High - Hawks

St. Joe's (New Hampton) - Baking

MFL MarMac - Professionally Driven

Postville - Pirates

Howard-Winn - Harvesting Wheat



Professionally Driven Educators

These educators wish to share their Personalized PD journey with others. Here are their stories.

Jennifer Servais - Kee High Instructional Coach


Christina Harbaugh - MFL MarMac Band Instructor


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