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Digital Citizenship / Cyberbullying - Keystone Area Education Agency

Digital Citizenship / Cyberbullying

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Think Before You Post Online

Welcome to the Keystone AEA1

Digital Citizenship & Cyberbullying Resource Page


TIC Resources:

Deb's Google Site: Keystone AEA Digital Citizenship/Bullying Site
Deb's Pinterest:  Bullying/Digital Citizenship Board

Amy's Google Site: Keystone AEA 1 Diversity


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Digital Citizenship - Short Version!

Other Resources:

 Digital CitizenPrint these posters from Venspired for your school.
Make a copy for your school here, under file > make a copy.
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Building a Digital Reputation - Defensive Strategies (Part I)
Establishing Your Expertise (Part II)
Torrey Trust describes defensive and offensive strategies for controlling digital reputation, including tips on how to opt out of “people search” tools and how to “scrub” away any potentially inappropriate and unprofessional content.
Free downloadable curriculum toolkits broken into age appropriate grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). 
Scope and Sequence Lessons for All Grade Levels
  • Web-based games and videos engage 3rd - 5th graders in independent learning
  • Modules zero in on critical skills related to digital safety, respect, and community
  • Collaborative classroom activities reinforce online lessons
  • Students earn badges toward a Digital Passport
  • Teachers get robust reports to demonstrate student success
  • Supports responsible use policies and E-rate
A central repository and information clearinghouse for the phenomenon of cyber bullying.
This moodle course was created by Deb Henkes from Keystone AEA.  The purpose of this course is to help students in grades 6-12 gain a deeper understanding about the issues around cyber bullying and other forms of online cruelty. Topics include:
  • what it isLesson on bullying
  • why it happens
  • what are the consequences
  • how to prevent it from occurring or re-occurring
If you are interested in using the modules at your school or obtaining a copy of the course, contact Deb for more information.
Free on-line K-12 lessons and activities as well as on-line professional development. Includes 21st Century Skills lessons plans.
Digital Citizenship Moodle Modules  - for grades 6-12
This series of three modules around the topic of Digital Citizenship were created by Deb Henkes and Norma Thiese, Keystone AEA consultants. The topics are Staying Safe, Ethical Responsibility and Appropriate Communications. Click the link below to preview the modules. If you are interested in using the modules at your school contact Deb or Norma for more information.
Have you ever wondered if you have a strong digital footprint? Take this quiz and find out.
Edutopia video playlist
This lesson introduces kindergarten and first grade students to the idea that strangers exist on the Internet and to discuss how we should interact with them.
Educational resources teach children of all ages in a fun, age-appropriate way, the basic rules of Internet safety, ethics, and the healthy use of connected technologies.
Free Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum - for students in grades6-8. Site is a partenership between Google and iKeepSafe.
Digital Citizenship, Your Digital Footprint, videos and lesson plan
iSafe Inc.
A subscription based site, this website provides Internet safety education, teacher lesson plans and activities, student mentor training, community outreach, parent and law enforcement information. *Training required before free K-12 curriculum materials can be accessed. Contact Keystone AEA for training options.
Kids Against Bullying
Features lots of fun and games, contests, choose your adventure videos about bullying and more.
Manners Matter Infographic
The staff members at provide an infographic showing the ten “do’s” and “don’ts” of how to present yourself online.
McGruff’s Blog K-5
Play games, get advice, learn how to stop a bully and have fun with McGruff.
Net Know-How
A huge database of information and links for teachers about plagiarism, copyright, net safety, cyber bullying and more!
Provides on-line resources for learning about Internet safety. Includes information and activities for kids, teens, teachers, parents and law enforcement.
Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. Read more about the nine themes.
NSTeens Making Safer Choices Online  5-10
Comics and videos to help teens learn about net safety. Includes free teaching materials.Fearless Cheat Sheet
Professor Garfield Foundation: Cyberbullying and Online Safety K-3
This free site provides fun interactive online lessons for students about cyberbullying, forms of media and more. Teacher's materials available.
A great SMORE lesson to use with students in 6-12
Your family’s guide to making the Internet and technology safe, fun and productive. Includes "A Parent's Guide to Facebook."
Stop Cyberbullying
Tips for educators, parents and kids on cyberbullying, prevention and the law.
Grades 3--5; Follows a lesson taught by 5th grade teacher, Sam Pane, Wilson Focus School, Omaha, NE., on how to be a good digital citizen. Students use Comic Life to create a super hero while writing a story relating to online safety, responsibility or respectfulness. Links to ELA standards.
Take this Lollipop -  HS level
Explore what your Facebook Settings REALLY show others. More about this site:
 is a national public education campaign to prevent teen dating abuse. That’s Not Cool uses digital examples of controlling behavior online and by cell phone to encourage teens to draw their own line about what is, or is not, acceptable
relationship behavior.
Fun project based learning site for students to learn Digital Citizenship. Be sure to go to the teacher side to get access to the Moodle Resources!
Form adapted from Tony Buzzeo to use when critically evaluating websites
Fantastic SMORE lesson about discovering your onlineidentity.
Provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. Includes a one to one hotline, multiple resources, videos, lesson plans and activities. Also provides information to victims of cyber abuse ranging from online fraud, cyber stalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks.

Because Manner Matter!

Because Manner Matter!


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