Pricing, Estimates, and Billing - Keystone Area Education Agency
Pricing, Estimates, and Billing - Keystone Area Education Agency

Pricing, Estimates, and Billing

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Print shop services are billed at no more than the actual costs involved. Keystone AEA, like schools, is a non-profit institution, and services exist for the convenience of the educators served. Printing and finishing prices are applied to all jobs at actual costs. Actual costs include paper, other supplies, labor, and equipment costs.


Upon request Keystone AEA will give price estimates and wait for your approval before work is begun.

To request an estimate:
a.    Complete a Production Request Form online or a hard copy form.
b.    Check "Yes" after the line that reads, "Do you want a cost and time estimate for this job before it is produced?"
c.    You need not send a purchase order when requesting an estimate.

Once we have received the materials you want printed, the cost will be computed and you will be notified of the amount. We will not begin the production of your job until you send instructions to go ahead with the work. If, upon receiving the estimate, you decide you would rather cancel the order, just let us know.

Unless an estimate is requested, work will automatically be completed and billed.

Reminder: Before the job can be produced we must have your purchase order number or your principal's signature. Click here for more information on how to create an ongoing purchase order for production services.


Your job will be billed on an invoice which is sent to your school from Keystone AEA each month. This invoice includes Print Shop and Production billings as well as any other chargeable services your school received from Keystone AEA.

If you need production work done, but wish to pay for it yourself instead of your school, send a school purchase order so the work is school authorized and make arrangements with your school to pay for the items through the school. Keystone AEA will only bill schools and accept payment from schools. As a matter of policy Keystone AEA does not bill individuals or accept payment from individuals.

For additional information email Nioka Schroeder or call 800-632-5918, ext 1340.

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