Grades K-5 - Keystone Area Education Agency
Grades K-5 - Keystone Area Education Agency

Grades K-5

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Keystone AEA provides the following online resources for students and educators to use at school and at home. Tools are built into many resources to support striving readers and all readers - learn more!

A growing collection of K-12+ educational digital media resources. eBooks & databases Collection of articles on science topics at 3 lexile levels with read aloud, Spanish language, for grades 6--9
An online literacy resource that pairs fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction books. Read-aloud feature provides accessibility to all readers. Vocabulary feature and interactive games extend student learning. A collection of ebooks, videos, primary sources and other multimedia, on social studies topics such as the industrial revolution, civil rights, underground railroad, world wars, immigration, the space race and more. Royalty free music and sound effects. No more worry about copyright.
A suite of products designed to support student research and classroom instruction, Britannica Digital Learning offers an extensive collection of reference and learning materials that are curriculum aligned and age-appropriate. A collection of searchable clip art, graphics, images and fonts that may be used in newsletters and assignments or on the school website.  
An insider's perspective on daily life and culture, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people. An eResource package offering screened and reliable content from magazines, newspapers, and reference materials. Ten different resources are designed for age-appropriate access. An online resource from Scholastic that pairs short nonfiction videos with related nonfiction ebooks.  Simultaneous access.  Read/view online only.  All eBooks provide read-aloud feature.  Created for students in Gr 3-5, but all PreK-12 students/teachers have access.
Watch videos on the Keystone AEA EduVision Portal. Online K-12 videos, clips, images, e-books, and audio to view, download to computer, or use in podcasts.  
These eBooks are available to all users simultaneously and are designed to be used by students in grades 3-12. A majority of the titles relate to social studies.  

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